elephansoul - a funky new direction

Welcome to our new project: Elephantsoul!

We (Ed, Jimi, Adina, & Dom) have remained united in mission and music and have found renewed passion as a group. In that spirit, we have begun a new project: Elephantsoul. While some songs from the last BoSu album will be part of the repertoire, we have already begun to transform them in alignment with our new vision. Elephantsoul takes the best parts of what was Bohemian Sunrise and merges them with a renewed vigor; the end result being funky, soulful, and diverse.

Join in the fun...we're looking forward to seeing our old friends and meeting new ones as we continue on this journey!

Ed, Jimi, Dom, Adina, Maria, & Michael

Farewell BoSu Show:

Jam on the Lake
Saturday, Sept 14
Sunset Beach
Williamstown NJ
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Limited Edition BoSu CD!
It Won't Be Long Now
Released November 2012

It Won't Be Long Now

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We'll see you at the show!